Everything You Need To Know Before Selling Your Tag Heuer Watch

Even in the second hand market, you can expect to fetch £500 to £2,000 for a Tag watch. Find out everything you need to know before selling your Tag Heuer watch.

15th February 2023

Everything You Need To Know Before Selling Your Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer operates in that sweet spot between the quality and prestige of high-end luxury watches and affordability when compared to competitors like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

This makes their products a great introductory piece to sophisticated horology. Known for their chronographs and important links to motorsport, Tag Heuer watches reliably go up in value and act as smart investments.

A short History of Tag Heuer

Another example of Swiss excellence, the Tag Heuer brand has a rich history stretching back over 150 years. First founded by watchmaker Edouard Heuer in 1860, Techniques d’Avant-Garde (TAG) became the company we recognise today in 1985. It moved from St-Imier to La Chaux-de-Fonds where its headquarters remain today.

True to its name, Tag Heuer has proven itself to be avant-garde in its role within the industry. Tag is a staple feature of Formula 1 racing and ‘king of Cool’ American icon, Steve McQueen, was one of many Tag Heuer’s proud Hollywood ambassadors.

The company rose to new heights during the Regan era, and is still associated with the sailing, golfing, and auto racing favoured by the opulent preppies of the 1980s. But Tag Heuer is in a constant state of evolution, pioneering innovative designs in sport timekeeping and other feats beloved by collectors.

The key features of a Tag Heuer watch

Alongside its commitment to modernisation, Tag Heuer does uphold its original philosophy that the company began with, summarised through their six commitments, including water resistance, screw-in crowns, double safety clasp, a unidirectional bezel, sapphire crystal coating, and luminous markings.

These famous features promise reliability in all terrains, secure wear, and in depth timekeeping additions designed for athletes. The bezel, for example, allows for hyper accurate tracking for divers underwater.

The sapphire crystals fitted to every Tag Heuer watch is certainly a feature to boast about. Not only is it the most expensive type of crystal, its renowned strength defends the watch from acquiring scratches and shattering, promising its bearer long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Tag Heuer approached these six principles rather liberally in recent years in order to make way for more experimental designs, but the company’s commitment to beauty and quality still comes with every piece.

How to spot a fake Tag Heuer

A thorough inspection conducted by a professional is the best way to determine a watch’s history and legitimacy. The skilled staff at Panache offer free, no obligation evaluations for this exact purpose. However, there are signs that should expose a fake Tag Heuer watch with some simple examination.

Careful inspection should reveal those small discrepancies that are common to counterfeit luxury watches. An off centre bezel, malformed crown guard, or imperfect logo are some of the most obvious tell-tale signs.

The engravings ought to be flawless, with distinct, clear lines etched into the material. Any blurring or smudging should arouse suspicion.

A point of interest that is unique to Tag Heuer is of course the luminosity. In a darkened room, a true Tag watch should illuminate a soft blue or green colour, lighting up the watch’s face. Fraudulent manufacturers typically find this a difficult feature to replicate, and the glow may appear patchy.

Iconic Tag Heuer Watches

The Tag Heuer Professional 200 covers all six of their iconic features. Not only is it reliable in all environments with durable construction, but is also sleek and timeless in design. Its hexagonal motif is an ode to the old fashioned aesthetics of the early Tag Heuer days with a modern twist.

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer Collection is perhaps the Tag watch with the biggest cult following. Its suitability for aquatic sports leaves it on par with Omega for diving athletes. Some favour Tag’s Aquaracer since it is largely considered more stylish than the majority of diving watches. It's perfect for exploring deep ocean waters up to 500 meters down in the daytime and a lavish meal out in the evening.

Finally, the Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch is as iconic as the McLaren Formula 1 team that inspired it. With bright colours and a synthetic case, the Formula 1 model added some lively character to sporting watches. Demand for this edition of Tag Heuer remains high and collectors get particularly excited about this vintage timepiece. The Formula 1 edition has even been described as a gateway drug to the wider world of watch collecting.

How much is a Tag Heuer watch worth?

With profound connections to motor racing, yachting, surfing, diving and the world of arts and culture Tag watches invite generous prices and are certainly a smart investment.

Even in the second hand market, you can expect to fetch £500 to £2,000 for a Tag watch, but expect to see resale value explode if the watch in question is rare or vintage. A well maintained, sought after Tag watch can secure an impressive turn over. It’s possible for the 1962 Classic Heuer Autavia, for example, to go for as high as £10,000.

An exact price up of a Tag watch is impossible to accurately decide without professional inspection, but generally the brand’s prevailing popularity is a promising sign.

Tag Heuer watches have a timeless, masculine, and stylish appeal that compliments its innovative mechanics, hence its beloved by many different groups and cultures across the world.

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