Why invest in a Jaeger LeCoultre watch?

Jaeger LeCoultre has been a renowned luxury watch brand for nearly two centuries.

7th June 2023

Its prestige continues to endure, with Jaeger LeCoultre being the brand of choice for the TV show Succession’s protagonist, the imposing media Titan, Logan Roy. A character who has been described as knowing what he likes and liking what he knows, Roy’s wardrobe signifies the kind of uncompromised confidence that comes with being one of the richest men in the world.

As the saying ‘wealth whispers’ goes, Jaeger LeCoultre might be a little less flashy than the likes of Rolex, but subtle elegance crystallises the allure of Jaeger timepieces.

So why is Jaeger LeCoultre so expensive? And are Jaeger LeCoultre watches a good investment? Well, here you’ll find the answers to these questions and more.

Where is Jaeger LeCoultre from?

As “the watchmaker’s watchmaker”, Jaeger LeCoultre is known as the pinnacle of horological artistry and it had barely two centuries to cultivate this reputation. The firm was first established in a quaint Swiss village, Le Sentier, in 1833 by watchmaker Antoine LeCoultre.

Set in the deep recesses of the Jura mountains, the early days of Jaeger watchmaking owe much of itself to the emerging iron industry. Farmers were the first to experiment with this style of watch construction and bestowed their expertise onto the next generation. Before long, the art of horology flourished throughout the various villages that made up the valley, and Jaeger LeCoultre was born. Within its first twenty years of production, Jaeger had revolutionised watchmaking with the Millionometer, which was to become the world’s most precise timekeeping device.

Are Jaeger LeCoultre watches handmade?

Yes, Jaeger LeCoultre is highly respected for being part of the very exclusive set of watchmakers which construct and decorate all its timepieces by hand. Each piece of Jaeger’s haute horology is subject to thousands of hours of testing via an army of expert artisans. This process is meticulous, covering every stage of production from decoupage (where the precious metals are first cut into shape) to manually assembling each microscopic component and finally to adorning the bridge of each calibre with the final touch of rubies.

Iconic Jaeger LeCoultre models

Thanks to the strict and thorough process of production, there isn’t a single Jaeger LeCoultre watch that compromises on precision, intricacy, or beauty. But here are just some of their best-known works.


Distinct for its rectangular shape, the 1931 Reverso watch flaunts elegant lines and a sophisticated art deco character that perfectly captures its era of production. The legend goes that this piece resulted directly from a polo-playing British army officer stationed in India. He challenged Jaeger LeCoultre to craft the perfect watch for polo players, and the mission certainly paid off for the company. Today, the gentleman’s Reverso typically fetches between £1,500 to £2,000 at auction, with some of the exclusive limited editions reaching prices over £10,000.

Master Control

Contrary to the sharp Reverso, the Master Control showcases a satisfying circular design that looks like it was taken straight out of the mid-century golden age of watchmaking. Its accessible, timeless appeal has Lionel Favre (JLC’s head of design) declaring the Master Control as representative of “the true essence of a modern, luxury timepiece”.

Master Ultra Thin

Loyal to Jaeger LeCoultre’s commitment to subtle beauty, the Master Ultra Thin design unites technical excellence with that beloved timeless aesthetic. It contorts innovative complications with a simple appearance, illustrating clean, rich lines and an overall streamlined dress watch. The satin coating and shining Dauphine hands cause it to softly glint under every form of light for that little extra touch of seduction.

Is Jaeger LeCoultre better than Rolex?

Taste is of course subjective and both Jaeger LeCoultre and Rolex are some of the most highly revered and historical watchmakers in the industry.

Rolex certainly has huge recognition and even those who have little interest in horology will recognise the prestige of a Rolex. However, if its collectors and those inside the industry that you’re more keen to impress, then a Jaeger LeCoultre is unquestionably the one to choose. Regarded as a finer example of watchmaking, the Jaeger LeCoultre has an undeniable but much quieter esteem than the likes of a Rolex.

Does Jaeger LeCoultre hold its value?

A Jaeger LeCoultre watch boasts some of the most exquisite designs and craftsmanship in the world. Owning one is owning a piece of history at your wrist which may just go on to outlive you. Naturally, the age, condition, and rarity of each timepiece will be what determines its second-hand price, but the enduring demand for luxury Jaeger watches suggests a generous resale value for decades to come.

How to spot a fake Jaeger LeCoultre watch

Thanks to the exorbitant demand that continues to surround Jaeger LeCoultre, fraudulent renditions of their watches are inevitable. There are key signs to look out for when navigating the second-hand market. The metal content and engraving of Jaeger LeCoultre’s name ought to be clear with cutting-edge precision. If letters run too close together or lines appear even slightly twisting, then this is a sure indicator that the piece is a fake.

Another repeated error made by forgers is stamping their counterfeits with a ‘Japanese Movt’ label, ratchet than the ‘Swiss Made’ tag that is meant to feature on a Jaeger LeCoultre.

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