Which Wrist Should a Watch Be Worn On? Watch Rules 101

Whether you’re left handed or right handed, you’ve probably wondered what wrist you should wear your watch on.

25th October 2022

Which wrist should you wear your watch on?

With the majority of watches designed to be worn on your left hand, to avoid damages, this begs the question, what wrist should left-handed people wear their watch on?

Many watches are designed with the crown on the right side of the watch to avoid it digging into your hand.

What is a Destro watch?

For those that are left-handed, you can look for a ‘Destro’ watch.

A Destro watch that has the crown on the left side, so that you can wear your watch on your right hand, without it digging into your hand.

What is a watch crown?

A manual watch has a small knob, on the side of it, usually ribbed at 3 or 9 o'clock  also known as the crown. Manual watches must be wound every 24-36 hours, to keep them powered.

Wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand

It’s believed that you should wear your watch on your non-dominant hand, to avoid scratches and damages, however this applies more to those that are right handed. While it seems obvious that left handed people should wear their watch on their right hand, they may actually be more susceptible to damages due to most everyday items being designed for right handed people.

With many everyday items, such as door handles, scissors and computer mice being designed to be used with your right hand, you may be more likely to incur damages to your watch doing everyday tasks.

Following the basic watch wearing ‘rules’ it makes sense that left-handed people should wear their watch on their non-dominant right wrist to avoid scratches or dents, however this does pose some problems.

The choice is yours

Despite it being suggested to wear your watch on your non-dominant hand, there isn’t actually a right or wrong way to wear your watch. Ultimately the choice is yours, you can opt for comfort or the potential of reducing scratches and damages to your watch.

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