Top 5 Facts About Omega

It's unlikely you have yet to hear of Omega SA. The infamous luxury brand is an example of Swiss watchmaking excellence where each model is constructed from fine materials with careful precision. Here are five facts about Omega SA.

13th December 2023

For this, Omega watches are treasured possessions, family heirlooms, and smart financial investments. Those calibres emblematic of Omega’s unique heritage and achievements are even more revered amongst enthusiasts, and from the brand’s oceanic adventures to its space travel, there are plenty of impressive examples of Omega craftsmanship. But to better introduce you to this iconic hallmark in horology, here are five facts about Omega SA.

1. What's in a name?

This now giant watchmaking force began as a family business in 1848 made up of Louis Brandt and, a few years later, his two sons. Although the company's future was to be anything but plain and simple, its original name was indeed just that being first founded as ‘Louis Brandt & Fils’ (fils, of course, being French for ‘sons’).

Over the next two decades, the company grew in notoriety and ambition, soon revolutionising the industry with a new and exciting watch movement. The- you guessed it- Omega Calibre marked a newfound level of accuracy. Its economical construction ensured simple and easy maintenance and reduced the likelihood of malfunction. Such precision, veracity, and convenience made it an immediate global sensation and in 1903 Brandt and his sons thought to seize the success and re-branded as simply ‘Omega’.

2. The spy’s Seamaster

An iconic staple in Omega’s history goes beyond its manufacturing feats towards a broader pop culture image, Hollywood red carpets, and blockbuster debuts. When Lindy Hemming was brainstorming the costume design for a certain Secret Service agent, she insisted that “Commander Bond, a naval man, a diver and a discreet gentleman of the world would wear the Seamaster with the blue dial”. Indeed, Pierce Brosnan’s 1995 Bond sauntered onto our screens not with a Rolex, but with an Omega Seamaster model at his wrist. GoldenEye marked a changing of the guard from Rolex watches to Omega ones, whose reign continues today in the latest 2021 instalment, No Time To Die. In this period, we’ve moved on from Bronsan’s Bond to a grittier, darker 007 in Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the character. Now a little less suave and a little less showy, when Vesper Lynd assumes the watch sported by Bond in Casino Royale is a Rolex, he simply replies “Omega”.

3. The official Olympic timekeeper

Omega not only tracks time for fictional heroes but also for real-life champions. Since 1932, Omega has held the title of official international timekeeper for the Olympic Games. This is of course thanks to the incredible precision the brand has proven itself capable of delivering. They have spearheaded timekeeping tailored to specific sports and disciplines but also contributed towards the development of modern technology and equipment that supports athletes in their training and performances.

In an Olympic game of its own, Omega competed with other innovative watchmaking companies in 1931. These observatory trials acted like chronometric marathons, with Omega leaving triumphant in all six categories. Respect and attention for the brand soared to greater heights. Anything but shy, the company quickly released its new and well-earned slogan: ‘Omega- Exact Time for Life’. And just a year later their commitment to precision and experimentation was officially legitimated with their appointment to Timekeepers of the Olympic Games.

4. Speeding through space

Yet another astonishing feat met by Omega is its accompaniment of astronaut Neil Armstrong on that legendary 1969 Apollo 11 mission. NASA commissioned a series of intense trials set to determine a watch with superior reliability and endurance. The Omega Speedmaster Chronograph arose victorious from these tests and thus was chosen to guide the U.S. space programme. Now, the watch that abetted Armstrong on that historic mission sits comfortably in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

5. Do Omega watches hold their value?

Naturally, with such a unique history brimming with impressive accomplishments and Hollywood star ambassadors, Omega watches carry a weighty presence in the industry. Such renowned heritage and prestige means Omega calibers are enduring in their value with a loyal clientele ready to pay large sums for the enjoyment of owning one of its models. For those looking to sell their Omega watch, it's a promising sign that their investment will be made fruitful. If you think this might be you, Panache Luxury Watches buys pre-owned Omega watches through a fair and simple process that ensures the best deal for you.

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