The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Watches

Well-made watches from established, prestigious brands earn impressive price tags, and their quality often means they outlive their owners.

14th September 2022

Watches have been treasured as objects of beauty, status, craftsmanship, and engineering for centuries. They have accompanied humanity throughout some of our most notable technological accomplishments, from record athletic breakthroughs to the moon landing of the mid-twentieth century.

For these reasons, well-made watches from established, prestigious brands earn impressive price tags, and their quality often means they outlive their owners. Since watches typically ascend in market value over time, they are opportune investments. The buyer gets to enjoy an expertly crafted and stylish piece of machinery for decades, and then has the choice to sell it at a sizable profit or keep it as a worthy heirloom- their own piece of history.

All this exciting potential doesn’t prevent the business of watch investment from being any less confusing. The variations between the luxury brands and their different models on top of all the jargon can leave watch buying an intimidating pursuit. This article sets to demystify this process, whether you’re looking to purchase your next bold fashion statement or an intricate tool meant to last a lifetime. Here is all to consider when buying an investment watch.

Brands with the highest resale value

  • Rolex

It is unsurprising that Rolex is the first brand featured here as it is undoubtedly the most recognisable luxury watch brand internationally. As with most brands, Rolex’s sports models with their more intricate technical features are typically their most valuable pieces. Find out more about how Rolex watches hold their value.

Models like the 1953 Submariner were designed to improve the performance of skilled scuba divers. It can withstand impressive water depths of 1,000 feet, features indices that illuminate below the sea surface, and has a uni rotational bezel that can be used to scale dives and rates of decompression.

With these features and the widely recognised superb quality of the Submariner, it has guaranteed longevity both in condition and market value.

  • Patek Philippe

The Swiss company Patel Phillippe is infamous for the exceptional and revolutionary designs of its watches. They have been pioneers within the industry since 1868. They maintain scarcity by only producing a very small amount of their products.

Once again, their sports editions draw a lot of eager attention, one example being the 1976 Nautilus. It is innovative in that it was the first watch to incorporate stainless steel into its sporting design. Its large case also gives it that distinctive look as a rare piece.

  • Omega

With links to the space race and James Bond’s model of choice, the Omega brand certainly carries a lot of prestige whilst still being considered more affordable than many of its rival luxury brands.

The Speedmaster, also dubbed the ‘Moonwatch’, notoriously accompanied Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon in 1969 and even saved the lives of the Apollo 13 crew members. And thus it is unsurprising that this watch has been beloved by enthusiasts since its introduction, made evident in its steady appreciation in value over the decades. This is much more promising than a sudden spike in monetary worth, as it makes investment much more reliable and not dependent upon a temporary or artificial surge in interest.

Do your research

Mastering the art of watch investment can lie in simply getting familiar with a lot of the jargon used in the industry.

Whether it’s understanding the difference between a quartz (a battery operated watch), a manual (a hand-wound watch), or an automatic (a watch powered by an engine). Something to consider is how the quartz style, despite being praised for its accuracy upon first release, has since lost its charm amongst watch enthusiasts.

You may also note the regular use of the word ‘complications’. In the watch world, this refers to any extra detail that appears on the face of the watch. This may include added hands, dials, calendars, moon phases, and anything else.

Understanding the vocabulary is key to distinguishing the best between new, vintage and rare variations and allows you to more expertly explore the evolving trends of the market and which pieces are currently most in demand.

The best time to sell

The best time to sell your watch is ultimately when you feel you have outgrown it and no longer extract the same enjoyment from it that you used to. Of course, you may want to consider other aspects of watch investment to help determine when exactly to make the leap.

For more specific advice tailored to you and your unique timepiece, contacting an expert is the safest and most accurate way to determine the potential value of your specific watch. Organisations like Panache can assess the model, make, age and condition of your watch.

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