Is a Panerai watch a good investment?

Founded way back in 1860 by Italian watchmaker Giovanni Panerai, the early years of Panerai immediately established the style and quality of craftsmanship, and, most significantly, its iconic, distinctly shaped cases that continue to characterise the company today.

14th March 2023

Since then, Panerai watches have long been designed, manufactured, and marketed internationally, with its headquarters settling in Geneva, Switzerland, the designated home of luxury watchmaking.

Panerai’s renowned reliable mechanics and propensity to preserve their value explain why these pieces are often so expensive. And the great news about this, of course, is the potential earnings you can secure with a Panerai watch on the second-hand market.

The best way to ensure you receive an accurate assessment of your watch’s worth and in turn draw a fair price is to contact a professional in the industry.

Here at Panache, our expert team of staff has the latest understanding of the luxury watch resale market as well as the skills necessary to conduct a thorough assessment of your watch’s origin, condition, and state of demand. But in the meantime, keep reading for an insight into why Panerai watches hold their value and withstand the test of time.

A brief history of Panerai

Since its early history, Panerai has had close relationships with other major players in the luxury watch business. During World War Two, Panerai watches were co-produced by Rolex where together they designed purpose-built military watches intended for the commando frogman unit, the Decima Flottiglia.

In fact, most of Panerai’s historical craftsmanship was in service of various military powers thanks to their robust durability and meticulous accuracy. Panerai were regular features in the uniforms of Italian officers and became the official supplier to the Royal Italian Navy before being taken up by the Egyptian Navy in 1956.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Panerai launched its products into the public domain, and before long cemented itself amongst the most desired commercial luxury watch brands. They continue to offer a broad variety of watches, which they organise into four distinct categorisations: Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura, and Special Editions.

Despite being an international conglomerate, Panerai maintains its commitment to advancing Italian excellence and is perhaps now most notable for its relationship with the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari. Together they hosted a collection of just 11 exclusive models, with prices ranging from $5,000 (£4,110) to $30,000 (£24,677).

Iconic Panerai watches

Panerai Radiomir

The Panerai Radiomir was the official watch for the Italian Royal Navy in 1938. It boasted a significantly sized 47mm diameter self-luminous dial, and its radium-based powder was cleverly manipulated to enhance the brightness of the watch’s dials in order to fulfil military standards.

Made in collaboration with the Lieutenant Commander, Carlo Ronconi, the Radiomir marked a point of innovation in military watchmaking and this prestige certainly guarantees its generous price on the second-hand market today.

Panerai Luminor

The Panerai Luminor was the brand’s first true debut into the civilian market. This piece in particular skyrocketed in popularity when the beloved action star, Slyvester Stallone, showcased a Luminor Chrono in one of his Hollywood movies. At this point, Panerai became truly international and set a trend for oversized diameter watches.

Panerai Ferrari

From the point when Ferrari’s contract with rival horologists Girard-Perregaux terminated in 2005, Panerai was elected to become the new dedicated watchmaker for Ferrari.

Together they launched two model lines, the ‘Granturismo’ and the ‘Scuderia’, with a highly limited supply of just 11 editions. The business collaboration between the two ended in 2010, and this assurance that there will never be another Ferrari-trademarked Panerai watch produced again promises a lot of excitement from enthusiasts whenever one enters the resale market.

Are Panerai watches worth the money?

The large, imposing watch craze bolstered by Sylvester Stallone initiated a trend that has survived decades. And nor is its star power limited to Stallone, but Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and more have commissioned their own Panerai timepieces.

But the value of a Panerai watch goes much beyond its connection to Hollywood, the military, or prestige sports. Known affectionately by enthusiasts as ‘Paneristi’,

Panerai has cultivated a loyal collector base over the years who do more than buy these products but host international conventions where they gather to celebrate the achievements of this innovative, venerated company. If this well-established cult following is indicative of anything then it is that a Panerai watch makes for an exceptionally good investment.

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