Is a Brietling Watch a Good Investment?

Brietling watches amongst the top 15 most recognisable watch brands in the world. Find out everything about investing in a Breitling watch.

25th October 2022

The luxury watch market is ultimately unpredictable, where different brands and models spearhead new trends one minute and then loose traction the next. Typically, the most reliable options for a promising investment are vintage, rare, and limited edition watches from reputable historic brands.

Breitling watches certainly fit this description. They are amongst the top 15 most recognisable watch brands in the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet.

Breitling also has a long history stretching back to 1884, giving the company that historical significance that is so revered by watch enthusiasts. First founded by Leon Brietling in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, the business remained firmly within the family for generations up until 1978. This history has long established Breitling as an authentic and trustworthy voice within the industry.

Of course, many Breitling models will depreciate in value after years of use. Their products don’t have the same initial exorbitant price tags that other luxury brands do, and this is often reflected in the second hand rates they can be sold for.

However, the right model that has been well maintained can work as an excellent investment.

Breitling watches are esteemed for their incredible quality, meaning one can last a lifetime. Beyond monetary gain, Breitling watches make a wonderful heirloom to be cherished for decades to come, and in this sense they are great investments.

Which are the best Breitling models to invest in?

The Emergency Orbiter 3 is a highly sought after model from a limited series consisting of just 1999 watches ever made. It was designed to celebrate the fist uninterrupted round-the-world balloon flight.

The watch’s exclusivity and links to sporting breakthroughs drives up its investment value. Breitling doesn’t spare expense when crafting these models, the Emergency Orbiter 3 is made of titanium and other exotic materials that further enhance its value.

Watches that showcase new developments in engineering and technology are also likely to fare well on the second hand market.

The Breitling Colt Skyracer boasts of a 10 times more accurate reading, as it is uniquely powered by a chronometer-certified SuperQuartz movement. This elevates this Skyracer from the usual luxury timepieces, where most are self-winding or manual-winding. By occupying a rather niche position in the market, Breitling watches can fetch an impressive resale price between collectors.

The Breitling Navitimer is another reliable choice for investment. The luxury watch community typically revere models designed for various sporting professionals, and this is reflected in their prices. The Navitimer is one of the most iconic watches made for pilots. It was at the forefront of innovation with features including speed and distance calculation, climb and descent rates, fuel consumption, and conversion between units. As a piece of sophisticated engineering, the Navitimer can be sold for up to $6000 pre-owned.

Breitling are beloved for their perseverance and long-life. Their durability, high quality, and revolutionary features always gains interest from collectors. A Breitling watch is easily recognisable, as each watch face boasts of a beautiful sapphire crystal.

How do I look after my Breitling watch?

To ensure your watch keeps working as it’s supposed to, it’s good practice to have it serviced every once and a while. Breitling suggests servicing their watches every four to six years, which is a good starting point.

To maintain the best working condition possible for your Breitling, it is good practice to avoid certain substances and exposures and keep it clean.

Avoiding prolonged time in direct sunlight, chemicals like soap and detergent, and even taking measures such as waiting for perfume to properly dry before wearing your watch can protect your Breitling from unnecessary damage.

Carefully and regularly cleaning your watch of course comes highly advised. Here, it is important to be gentle, a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of warm water is all you need to lightly brush over the surface of your watch.

Breitling recommends getting your timepiece officially serviced around every four to six years. Although this can be an expense, it is widely understood as worthwhile  considering the potential return rate and lifespan a well maintained Breitling can reach.

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