Hublot watches: everything you need to know

A rather young company relative to its luxury watch competitors, Hublot has soared rapidly in prestige and popularity since its creation less than 45 years ago.

17th April 2023

The brand soon became known as the master of the ‘Art of Fusion’ thanks to their experimenting with titanium, ceramic, and carbon fibres. Hublot’s manufacturing breakthroughs have established a unique place within the watchmaking industry, capturing the attention of collectors with models that stand out and, yes, withhold their value.

A short history of Hublot

In line with luxury watchmaking tradition, Hublot is a Swiss brand founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. The company’s success can be explained twofold. Hublot’s commitment to sports technology, with grand associations with the 2008 Euros, Ferrari, and the FIFA World Cup, made great leaps in advancing the brand’s notoriety. Similarly, Hublot watches’ distinct appearance created from its ingenious coupling of different materials makes its timepieces instantly recognisable.

The key features of a Hublot watch

The exceptional aesthetics of Hublot watches is matched in the functional excellence of its machinery. Hublot produces both automatic and self winding watches, all of which are waterproof, able to endure sea depths of an incredible 4,000 metres. Hublot describes its outstanding key features as part of three distinct categories: materials, movements, and manufacturing.

Unconventional materials

Hublot has done much to earn its title as master of the ‘Art of Fusion’, but one of the company’s major innovations involves its combination of gold and rubber in a single timepiece. This meeting of the past and future, of traditional and modern materials indicates Hublot’s experimental approach to watchmaking.

Precise movements

What makes Hublot especially beloved by horological fanatics is the uncompromising precision of every watch. Where most of Hublot watches consist of highly accurate movements, the company has demonstrated its revolutionary ‘in-house’ craftsmanship set on achieving meticulous precision through the Univo automatic chronograph. This transformative design showcases a visionary motor that promises beauty and newfound high-tech precision.

Collaborative manufacturing

The construction of every Hublot timepiece involves the expertise of experienced watchmakers, chemists, physicists, and engineers. This committed collaboration between professions results in detailed, conscientious planning and construction of each design feature, from the fundamental micro-components to the final touches. A Hublot watch is one that works to push technical and aesthetic standards.

Iconic Hublot watches

Big Bang

2005 witnessed the introduction of Hublot’s most iconic timepiece, the Big Bang. This distinct oversized watch sent shock waves through the industry becoming an overnight success and securing an impressive lineup of awards. The Big Bang can certainly be credited with the sudden takeoff of Hublot as a contender in the luxury watch business, taking them from a relatively obscure company to one of the industry’s major and sought-after players. The Big Bang’s iconic look is memorably masculine and industrial, igniting the consequential trend of rugged, oversized watches.

Classic Fusion

Always looking to differentiate themselves, the heads at Hublot again identified a gap in the market and in 2008 released the new Classic Fusion model. This timepiece offered a more delicate appearance to buyers with a smaller, more minimalist layout. The Classic Fusion removes chronograph complications, instead focusing its design on comfort and luxury. Where the Big Bang has fun with rubber straps, Hublot’s Classic Fusion typically comes with smooth leather straps. Thought of as less extravagant than Hublots other designs, the Classic Fusion offers a little more affordability and mainstream appeal.


Over the decades, Hublot has purpose built several interesting timepieces for the sporting world. Its Ferrari model further demonstrates the brand’s love for experimentation, available in titanium and ‘Magic Gold’, a robust alloy harbouring 18-carat gold elaboration that is completely unique to Hublot.

Is a Hublot watch a good investment?

When deliberating how much a Hublot watch is worth, the major dependents are the watch’s specific model, age, and condition. A well maintained Big Bang edition can fetch a price as generous as £4,000. But to better understand whether or not your Hublot holds its value, you’re best contacting insiders in the industry. You can secure a free, no obligation quote from Panache jewellers. Here, our expert staff have the knowledge and experience to determine your watch’s origin, make, and potential return price in the second hand market.

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