The renowned Breitling brand dates back to 1884 and derives from a history of celebrated aviation device engineering.

12th December 2022

The renowned Breitling brand dates back to 1884 and derives from a history of celebrated aviation device engineering.

Now most known for being a luxury watch manufacturing company, it maintains an innovative position in the development of pilot watches. Its commitment to quality, durable engineering, and sleek, timeless design create high demands for Breitling's horological pieces.

Such levels of interest inevitably inspire fabrications. However, the sophistication of authentic Breitling watches means a flawlessly convincing replica is difficult to achieve. Hence, with a keen eye and the knowledge of what to look out for you can take measures to protect yourself from being covertly sold counterfeits.

These tell-all signs will help ensure yourself a genuine and collectible timepiece. But, of course, the best practice against fraudsters involves only purchasing from reputable sources.

As convenient as online retail and pawn shops may be, consulting organisations like Panache promises a trustworthy evaluation of your Breitling. The expert staff at Panache can help you navigate the throws of the luxury watch market and protect you against nefarious dealers.


An immediate indicator of an authentic Breitling watch is that it is noticeably heavy. This brand typically produces watches weightier than their luxury watch competitors, such as Rolex and Omega, thanks to the particular stainless steel fashioned into their pieces.

If your watch is suspiciously light, perhaps below 90g, then further scrutiny is certainly encouraged. However, this alone isn’t definitive proof of fakery so be sure to note any additional signs of fraudulence.


One of the most striking features of Breitling engineering lies in the two logos employed to signal the brand’s sophistication, the most recognisable of these being the wings and anchor that sits on top of the delicate engraving of ‘BREITLING’. Any awkward and uneven placing of this may indicate the product is a replica. Logos such as this can be difficult to imitate and so paying attention to such minute errors is the most effective way to expose a fake.

Special editions of Breitling watches, such as their Heritage collection, boast a different logo. Hare, an elegant, cursive letter ‘B’ sits above the Breitling name. It should be noticeably raised from the surface of the watch plane as it is its own metal feature. If the ‘B’ is flat then it is merely a print and clear evidence of forgery.

Moreover, misspellings, pixelated texts, and blurry prints are obvious outcries of cheap fabrication. It's a good idea to compare the appearance of your watch to the images of genuine Breitling timepieces from authoritative sources, such as Breitling’s own company website.

Spotting the serial number of your watch can also confirm authenticity. This number is most likely located on the band or casing of the watch and can be used to trace its origins.

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Breitling produces both automatic and quartz movement watches, but both can differ in monetary value. Understanding what to listen for prevents you from being misled as to which model you are purchasing. From listening attentively, the behaviour of the watch’s hands are feasibly discernable. Automatic watch hands have a silent, gliding motion across the face, as opposed to a patterned ticking sound that counts each second.

The presentation of a Breitling watch’s hands is also something to pay attention to. An iconic detail includes the letter ‘B’ and anchor symbol incorporated into the design of the smaller, second hand. This delicate hallmark is not a feature on every Breitling piece, so its absence isn’t necessarily bad news. Nevertheless, its presence is a pretty good indicator of authenticity when you do spot it.

Many Breitling timepieces are chronograph models, if yours is advertised as such, there should be a stop-watch component visible. Another important point for inspection lies in what the subdials display. It’s rare for legitimate Breitling pieces to showcase days of the week or month here, instead, it should indicate numbers that signal the measurements of the chronograph.


The buckle should be host to a raised ‘BREITLING’ lettering that’s obvious to the touch. Visually, a fabricated Breitling watch may be able to match the buckle pretty convincingly, so the feel of the material is a much more reliable method of exposing a subterfuge.

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