Do Tag Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?

Tag Heuer watches that are decidedly safe from losing value after years of ownership are their vintage models. Find out everything you need to know

25th October 2022

Although perhaps a more obscure brand compared to the likes of Rolex, Tag Heuer still boasts a historic and luxurious standing in the industry. The company has been delicately hand-crafting its watches since 1860, though the brand is not without its scandals.

Is a Tag Heuer watch a good investment?

2009 saw controversy develop around Tag Heuer production, where the brand made claim to an in-house movement when in reality the models had been outsourced from Seiko. This certainly poses a risk to investing in Tag Heuer stock, and findings show that Tag watches can be expected to lose close to 50% of their market value within three years of sale.

Still, there are undeniable redeeming features of the brand which is likely to outlive the damage done to its reputation. Their watches remain to be of high quality and promise exclusivity, with only around 700.000 produced in a full year. For context, Tissot generates 3.5 million watches in a year.

Which are the best Tag Heuer models to invest in?

Tag Heuer watches that are decidedly safe from losing value after years of ownership are, as expected, their vintage models.

The vintage Heuer Monaco was first launched in the 1960s and introduced the first square automatic chronograph. It also flaunts celebrity associations, with the American actor Steve McQueen sporting the watch in his movies. His ties to the counterculture of the decade and his antihero characters have left a lasting imprint of ‘cool’ onto the Heuer brand in general. Unsurprisingly, these models have maintained their market value over the decades.

Rare Tag Heuer timepieces can similarly bring in generous profits. The mint vintage Heuer Camero Chrono model first released in 1969 recently sold for $5,883.73.

Where are Tag Heuer watches manufactured?

The Tag Heuer company hails from Switzerland under the supervision of CEO Frederic Arnault, with Jack Heuer, the founder’s direct descendent, being an honorary chairman.

The brand still operates its watchmaking workshops in Switzerland, in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Cornol respectively. There, each Tag Heuer watch must meet an extremely strict standard of quality and precision before it is released to the market.

How to look after your Tag Heuer watch

Ensuring your Tag Heuer timepiece maintains the best working condition possible certainly goes a long way to protect its investment value but also gives you the simple pleasure of enjoying your watch for longer.

Understanding what to avoid will allow the perseverance of your watch’s appearance and mechanism. This can include staying clear of chemicals such as soap and detergents and waiting until any creams or perfumes have been given proper time to dry before adorning your watch. Prolonged direct sunlight, water moisture, and nearby magnetism can also impact the performance of your watch.

It is of course best practice to carefully and regularly clean your timepiece. A soft cloth with a dab of warm water ought to be gently brushed over the surface of the watch.

How to sell your Tag Heuer watch

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