Do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?

As the most recognisable luxury watch brand in the world, Rolex watches symbolise style, prestige and quality.

6th July 2022

As the most recognisable luxury watch brand in the world, Rolex watches symbolise style, prestige and quality. Its history stretches back to 1905 and in that time Rolex products have established themselves as prized possessions amongst enthusiasts, collectors, the wealthy, scientists, athletes, and other professionals.

Rolex watches have gained reverence through their mechanical innovations as well as their artistry. For this reason, Rolex products can act as a lucrative investment. Many maintain their value over time, and some go on to increase in market price with age.

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Are Rolex watches a good investment?

Rolex watches are a great investment since they can retain their value even when pre-owned. Certain editions that have been well maintained can even appreciate in worth.

The Rolex brand is a proven top player within the industry and their products have evolved from being viewed as tools to luxury items. Each piece is a demonstration of skilled craftsmanship that can rival traditional styles of high art, and can be auctioned off at impressive prices.

Much of what makes a Rolex worth the investment lies in its exclusivity. The brand maintains its ritzy feel by ensuring their watches' value stays well above the rate of inflation.

For example, the original 1957 price of a Submariner watch was $150. When adjusted to meet inflation, one should now cost $1,265. Rather, 2014 saw a Submariner sold for a whopping $7,500.

Which are the best Rolex models to invest in?

Key considerations to choosing the best Rolex models to invest in must include the watch's age and its condition.

A vintage Rolex is a safe option for investment since they’re well desired by enthusiasts and collectors.

Some of the best options include watches that have been intricately designed for members of a certain profession. These can boast of special technical features that make the watch that much more unique.

The Submariner

The Submariner watch dates back to 1953 and was designed specifically for scuba divers. It is able to withstand dramatic water depths of up to 1,000 feet, and showcases indices that glow in the dark, making it easier to read underwater. Its bezel also rotates in both directions which allows divers to measure their dives and rate of decompression.

The GMT-Master

The GMT-Master ii design is a 1983 wrist watch devised for pilots that displays multiple time zones at once. Even earlier in 1963, Rolex released the Cosmograph Daytona for professional race car drivers. Its tachymetric scale allows drivers to time themselves easily and configure their average speeds over a certain distance.

Modern Rolex Watches

However, smart investments are not just limited to vintage pieces. Modern Rolex watches are still great options, especially if they belong to a limited or discontinued edition. Rolex’s steel watches appear to be the most in demand, over the more unusual metals like gold and diamond which are subject to constantly fluctuating prices.

Of course, trends are subject to change, but it is unlikely that an old or rare well maintained Rolex is going to be anything but a fruitful investment.

How to look after your Rolex watch

Rolex watches are expertly made with materials designed to endure so don’t be afraid to actively wear and enjoy your watch.

Yet, taking those extra steps to conserve the condition of your watch can greatly improve the prices it will fetch on the market. Keeping your watch in a watch box overnight and getting it professionally serviced are good practices that you’ll be thankful for in the long run.

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