Are Cartier Watches Worth The Investment?

Although historically renowned for fine jewellery, the Cartier brand has earned its place as a leading emblem within the luxury watch industry.

20th September 2022

Whilst Patek Philippe, Piguet, and Rolex may be amongst your first choices when considering a safe and clever investment, Cartier watches should certainly not be overlooked.

Although historically renowned for fine jewellery, the Cartier brand has earned its place as a leading emblem within the luxury watch industry. The sophistication of its jewellery making is mirrored in its watches, where the same level of proficiency and that distinct squared design make Cartier watches a marvel of craftsmanship.

Is a Cartier watch a good investment?

Cartier's historical links to royalty stretch far back into its past. Edward VII famously praised them as “the jeweller to kings and the king of jewellers”. This traditional relationship between Cartier and the royals is still evident today, as Princess Diana’s elegant Cartier Tank has been recently passed down to Meghan Markle.

As Cartier watches are good enough to be treasured by the British monarchy throughout the generations, they are certainly a safe investment. When company founder Louis-Francois Cartier embarked on expanding his business to include the production of watches, he assured that no expense was spared. They were to mirror his trademark jewel pieces, with delicate, intricate designs and plenty of gold and silver. And just like Cartier’s luxury rings, necklaces and bracelets, these watches typically appreciate in value.

The sleek design of a Cartier watch means they age beautifully and always have a modern, elegant flare. They have been sported by style icons of each era, including Jackie Kennedy, Andy Warhol, and Rudolph Valentino.

Cartier watches dating from the 1960s and 70s are currently fetching the most impressive prices. Merchandising expert, Matthew Clarke, has said that timepieces from this era of the brand have surged in popularity.

If you are interested in finding out the value of your own Cartier watch, contacting luxury watch sellers and analysts is the best way to ensure an accurate examination of your watch. The experts at Panache are some of the most trusted voices in the luxury watch industry and offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your watch. Their experience and expertise will ensure you fetch a fair and competitive price.

Which Cartier models should you invest in?

Of course, when purchasing your dream Cartier watch, it is important that it best suits your own personal taste. These watches are made to be worn and enjoyed after all. Moreover, although there are ways to anticipate the direction of the watch market, it is impossible to fully predict.

However, it can be confidently said that Cartier pieces with precious metals and gems are the most likely to garner high resale value. Watches that are decorated in gold or embedded with diamonds and gemstones are dependable investments.

Vintage Cartiers are another option for securing high resale value in your purchases. Their historical significance and their tendency to contain more built-in gold than the newer models mean they remain extremely popular amongst collectors.

The Santos

Responsible for the instantly recognise design, The Santos is perhaps Cartier’s most iconic watch, dating back to 1904. Originally designed as a time-keeping tool for the pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, it is still highly sought after over a century later. It was one of the first wristwatches crafted for men and its important place in the industry’s history and Cartier’s own heritage makes it a prestigious and lucrative asset.

The Tank

Cartier’s Tank model has developed a cult-like status. Evidently inspired by First World War military tanks, this timepiece is manually powered with sharp symmetry and a distinct retro character, typically selling for around £27,727.

The Louis and Francaise variations of The Tank were worn by the beloved Princess Diana.

The Panthere

Partnered with Cartier’s illustrious 1920s Panther ring, The Panthere watch shares a similar refined, feline design. Renowned upon release, the Panthere has skyrocketed in value since Cartier ceased its production. Its guaranteed scarcity, style, and popularity establishes The Panthere as another wise investment opportunity.

However, the final price of a specific watch will depend upon its condition. Hence, it is crucial that you take care of your timepiece the best that you can, and here are some tips on how to do so.

How to look after your Cartier watch

In terms of day to day care, regularly clean your watch with a soft, dry fabric. You should also avoid wearing your watch whilst sleeping, showering or washing your hands.

Beyond this, however, a consultation with an expert is likely the best way to understand your watch and the unique needs of its condition. This is another area of expertise shared by the professionals at Panache who can offer trustworthy assistance on the maintenance of your timepiece

How to sell your watch

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Located in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Panache’s offices are safe and secured with 24/7 monitoring. We pride ourselves in ensuring that you are confident and informed in getting the best price possible for your luxury watch.

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