5 Reasons to Sell Your Luxury Watch

Selling your old luxury watch may be a point of great excitement or wistful sentimentality, but there are several wise motivations for auctioning off your timepiece.

14th March 2023

Perhaps now is the time to take advantage of market price fluctuations, or you’re eager to test a new brand, or simply upgrade your tired model.

Regardless, you will always improve your bargaining position by contacting a professional in the industry.

Here at Panache, our expert staff are highly knowledgeable on everything there is to know about the luxury watch resale market and can help you figure out how much your watch is worth. Just as with other collectable luxury goods, like fine jewellery and designer fashion, quality watches fetch an impressive price with age.

Panache is keenly aware of this and we work to ensure that you receive a fair price for your timepiece.o contact us today to discover the true resale value of your watch.

Money and the market

Likely the most glaring advantage of selling your luxury watch is the pretty penny it's probable to secure. Deciding to sell is an incredibly quick and easy method of procuring a generous sum of money without much work.

Panache deals with a hugely diverse range of luxury brands including Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and more. Products from prestigious brands such as these tend to reliably hold their value, but they typically operate on a cycle, taking it in turn to be the most fashionable at any current moment.

Once again, this is where it’s imperative to consult an industry insider. Their expertise will be able to provide you with the latest updates in the resale market and use this to your advantage. Understanding demand and supply is the best way to promise a good price for your watch. And by working with Panache you can maximise the potential earnings that you will no doubt enjoy spending elsewhere.


Even the tired, vintage watches made by one of the world's luxury horological brands are still certainly incredible pieces of engineering. But, admittedly, an older timepiece can simply lose its magic- or panache- over time.

More personally, people’s individual tastes evolve throughout the years, which can ultimately lead your watch in discordance with your style, character, and identity. Perhaps you want something that represents the current you, rather than the you of twenty years ago.

You may have also found yourself inspired by another person's elegant timepiece, and if you’re spending a considerable amount of time browsing Rolex display windows and websites then it’s a sign you’re unsatisfied with your existing watch and perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to an upgrade.


Since these brilliant pieces of machinery are so intricately designed, they ultimately require a lot of work to upkeep. This is often time-consuming and leads to further financial burdens. Those who really take luxury watch maintenance seriously can take on added costs of repairs and annual services.

Those who still respect the responsibility of preserving the integrity of watch craftsmanship but feel overwhelmed with the upkeep may want to consider selling to someone more equipped to maintain it.


Luxury pieces aren’t designed to be thrown into the bottom of a drawer. They need to be appropriately encased face-side up to protect them from damage. This does mean they require a dedicated space that you may no longer be willing to provide, or perhaps you sensibly want to avoid the urge to hoard and keep to one watch at a time.

New technology

One of the more exciting prospects of trading in your old luxury watch for a new one is the opportunity to take advantage of new important technologies. The most prominent watchmaking companies are in constant competition to break new ground and achieve more and more impressive engineering feats, forever perfecting their accuracy, efficiency, sustainability, aesthetics and incorporating additional features to rival the smartwatch.

Even the most traditional brands have started experimenting with electronic components. One of the freshest innovations gracing the industry is Patek Philippe’s work with silicone that sets to transform compliant technologies. These latest models not only offer something modern and advanced, but these purchases will likely maintain their monetary value and robust working conditions for decades to come.

Sell your luxury watch with Panache

Selling your luxury watch can be a simple, pleasant process when in touch with the right buyers. Here at Panache, all it takes is a simple valuation form that you can complete online in the comfort of your own home.

Then we can share a free, easy, no-obligation quote on your watch in no time. So sell your watch with us today to be connected to expert buyers that ensure you get the right price your watch deserves. Our staff has the ability to accurately investigate a watch’s condition, origin, and market compatibility which will bolster your bargaining power in the resale landscape.

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