5 reasons to invest in a luxury watch

The luxury watch market often overwhelms new buyers with immeasurable choices, industry-specific language, and prices that have you questioning just why is Patek Philippe so expensive.

7th June 2023

The luxury watch market often overwhelms new buyers with immeasurable choices, industry-specific language, and prices that have you questioning just why is Patek Philippe so expensive.

This can leave you fraught with conflict over whether or not you should seize that opulent timepiece you’ve been lusting after. But there are many circumstances where investing in a luxury watch is quite an astute opportunity. So here are our five favourite testimonies that we think ought to be revered in your important deliberation.

The craftsmanship

The primary allure of a luxury timepiece is undoubtedly the time, skill, and fine materials that lovingly go into its meticulous construction. The quality promised by renowned manufacturers, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and others, ensures the beauty, precision, and longevity which mark these luxury watches as such impressive feats in engineering. With intricacies such as chronograph editions, you can acquire a timepiece that is unique in its own intricacy.

The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime was released to celebrate the company’s technical genius and 175th anniversary. Truly an example of engineering excellence, the Grandmaster Chime 300 movement, alarm mechanism, and reversible face is the most elaborate wristwatch in Patek Philippe’s history.

What is a chronograph watch?

Most luxury watchmakers produce a number of chronograph watches. Translating literally to ‘time writer’, these calibres can register specific intermissions in time at the command of their owner. The chronograph feature is a staple of exquisite horological craftsmanship encapsulating the basic pleasure of having such meticulous artistry at your wrist.

A memorable gift

A luxury watch can act as an exceptional gift to mark a significant life milestone. Whether it be an engagement, wedding, birthday, graduation, or retirement, the generous quality and price of high-end watches certainly make a grand statement. On occasions where you might wish to go above and beyond in your gesture, the ornate beauty and steep financial worth of a treasured timepiece would count for something truly special.


Cultivating your own sense of style can bolster your own sense of self. But organising a unique look to uphold this every day isn’t always realistic. Whereas, having your own staple piece in the form of your favourite luxury watch might be. With limitless personalisation options, you can choose amongst a dizzying array of colours, straps, and designs. This way, even whilst wearing a uniform or standard office wear, you can express a little bit of you. After all, actually wearing and enjoying your watch ought to be your unabashed priority.

A valuable investment

It’s not a universal truth that all watches go up in value over the years. Rather, it’s only the top manufacturers that consistently and reliably produce horological excellence that appreciate in monetary worth. Limited editions of said luxury watches can be extraordinarily lucrative since, with time, they become premium rare items. This mix of exclusivity and confidence that these watches will continue to endure years into the future make them highly sought-after pieces.

With this in mind, questioning if the likes of Rolex watches are a good investment doesn’t take long to conclude. Even the fairly popular Rolex Submariner 2014 clearly demonstrates the typical trajectory of a Rolex watch. In 2014, you might have bought this edition for £5,200, and just four short years later, sold it for £6,200. Compared to the measly 2% interest rate that initial money would have otherwise been acquiring whilst static in the bank, the sudden appearance of an additional thousand pounds surely marks a generous rate of return.

A beloved family heirloom

Ultimately, a well-maintained and impeccably constructed luxury watch is predicted to outlive its owner. But this can be a beautiful fact, not a morbid one. The elite craftsmanship promises that not just you will enjoy the finesse of your timepiece, but generations to come will be able to take pleasure in the same piece.

If it was a watch that truly represented your personal type, it’s also a poignant way for loved ones to remember you. So although the price of a high-end watch might first seem lofty, these examples of horological artistry might just take on a lasting, treasured place amongst the family.

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